Our Stories

Our Old Soul Cooper

Cooper and I decided to participate in PPP partly to honor my Dad, Hugh J. McElvaney, who was a brief resident at Peachtree Christian Hospice in Duluth. One March afternoon, a volunteer stopped in with her two pet therapy puppies and I was so impressed by the dog’s behavior, but […]

My Dog Skip

With each birthday and Christmas my parents asked me what I wanted and as far back as I can recall. My one desire was to have a dog. My criteria for this dog were very specific, a pure black lab, male puppy. After years of begging and pleading, the day […]

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Volunteers Enriched

When we started with Perimeter Pet Pals, I thought it would be nice for my dog Boomer and I to provide a social service to the elderly and to children. I did not realize that I would also be so enriched. Through our visits, I get the opportunity to meet […]

Cosmo the Kitty

We find pet therapy is beneficial to not only the people and environments we visit, but for us as well. Cosmo is very well suited to visit anyone who may benefit from a relaxing, happy kitty cat. His calm demeanor brings a smile to even the most unhappy or upset […]

Hospice Care Visit

While I know in my heart that Perimeter Pet Pals does good for many people I never fully realized the effects it had on hospice care. I recently received a phone call from a lady whom I had never met. She was thanking us for a wonderful gift. As a […]