Our Old Soul Cooper

Cooper and I decided to participate in PPP partly to honor my Dad, Hugh J. McElvaney, who was a brief resident at Peachtree Christian Hospice in Duluth. One March afternoon, a volunteer stopped in with her two pet therapy puppies and I was so impressed by the dog’s behavior, but more importantly, the look of pure happiness in my dad’s eyes. He woke up and immediately wanted both of them to jump up on the bed to touch their fur & lick his face. A nurse by trade, I personally have witnessed, on so many occasions, the positive therapeutic effects dogs deliver to persons in their time of need or distress.

When Cooper, (who was rescued at 6 weeks by our daughter) was “handed over” to Mark and I prior to her move to Manhattan in 2008, we were not thrilled to have to take care of “another” family pet! Cooper quickly became a magical companion and we immediately were captured by his ability to participate in conversations, his calming disposition and unconditional love. Everywhere we go with Cooper, someone comments on his admirable behavior and charming attitude, from children to seniors. He truly can make the meanest Grinch smile when he meets and greets! He is an amazing “Old Soul”, and one that we can’t wait to share with our community!

-Carol and Cooper