Volunteer a Pet

To Volunteer Your Pet, Contact:

Christine Barnes – Team Evaluator GA

Requirements for Pets

  • All types of pets including rescues are welcome. However my knowledge for testing is limited to cats dogs and horses.
  • Must have lived with current owner for at least one year.
  • Your pet must have all shots current. Your pet will not be tested until vet form is complete.
  • If the owner administers the pet’s shots, you must have a notary prepare a document noting vaccination dates and that the pet is up to date.
  • If the owner uses homeopathic care then an alternate vet form must be completed.
  • NO dogs in season can be tested.
  • Male dogs should be fixed/altered for the safety of others.
  • Each pet in household must be tested with appropriate handler. Example: If a parent and a child want to volunteer then each person would take the test with the pet.
  • Identification should be worn by owner (Badge) and pets (Bandana) during visits.
  • No animals will be tested if they have been aggressive or bit another animal or person.
  • No animals can be tested if on a raw diet.

Tips for Evaluation Day

These suggestions will help you and your pet be prepared on evaluation day.

  • A DONATION of Twenty-five (25) dollars due at completion of evaluation.
  • Have your pet calm.
  • Have their pet brush available.
  • Have treats or pet toys with you. These will only used for testing, not rewarding.
  • Make sure that pets ears, breath and hair are clean.
  • No choke or any other type metal collars or leashes.
  • No retractable leashes.
  • Pets such as cats and rabbits should wear harness instead of collars.
  • If the pets is to be carried during testing – visits then a basket or towel should be used.
  • Be updated on pet’s shots.
  • Bring Rabies shot record.
  • Bring completed Pet Partners Handler Questionnaire.
  • It’s suggested to bring a water bowl
  • Pre-read Pet Therapy manual.
  • NO Barking, Growling, Biting, Hissing, Meowing, or Whining under breath can be tolerated during testing. It will lead to dismissal.
  • No jumping, licking, or excited bumping (i.e. standing on evaluator’s feet, knocked in face).
  • Your pet may take the test twice.
  • Pet must be able to sit, down, stay and come.
  • Must be able to meet and greet another dog volunteer and handler without jumping, sniffing, etc.
  • Pet must love all people, children, and other pets.
  • Pets can be dogs, cats, birds, or rabbits.
  • Test should last approx. 20 minutes.
  • Your pet may take the test twice.  ONLY IF YOU SCORED NOT READY

During a Visit

  • You will need to contact the coordinator, Christine Barnes, by separate email to let her know if you cannot attend a scheduled visit. This is critical to the professionalism of the visits. Use christinecbarnes@comcast.net
  • You will need current copies of your vet records on file at the volunteer locations.
  • Some facilities will randomly ask for Proof of Pet Partners Membership, this is your insurance.
  • When you begin with our group please keep your pet at close range of yourself until your pet is comfortable with other pets and volunteers.
  • You must visit www.petpartners.org to learn more about therapy pets. It is required to have a certificate.
  • You should never visit when you or your pet is ill.
  • Please visit www.petpartners.org to get insurance.
  • Please let Christine know ASAP if there is ever an unsafe pet incident.